How to fake sleep: The 5 most important key points

There could be a lot of reasons to learn the art of fake sleeping, but most of these go into the category of spying, pranking and avoiding interaction. No matter the cause of your willingness to learn fake sleeping we are here to help you out. Here are some quite effecient and easy way to fake sleep.

Whenever you fake sleep you have to think of the following:
Body positioning
Facial expression
Natural reactions

Body positioning
The skill to position your body naturally is the most important skill to achieve fake sleep since most people won’t bother you or inspect further if they see your body asleep.

It is easier said than done, but the key is to have put your body is its most natural sleeping position. Whenever i tell people this tip it usually looks quite akward when they are trying to force the body into a natural position since they haven’t seen themselves sleep.

The most natural sleeping position you can achieve is how you actually sleep. There are two simple ways you can figure this out

1) Record yourself before taking a nap and put an alarm 30 minutes later
As the title suggests you can record yourself just before taking a nap. Afterwards you wake up using your alarm. Whenever watching the video material you can easily figure out how you naturally move your body and fall asleep.

2) Draw your body position as the first thing in the morning
Keep a notepad or some kind of paper beside your bed before going to sleep. Instead of moving when waking up, you should lay down still until you are fully aware how your body is positioned. Draw this in your notepad as a mental note, so there’s a higher chance that you will remember it afterwards.

A general tip is to move very little whenever fake sleeping so the person watching you won’t get any suspicion of you. Although this does not mean that you should react unaturally to external factors such as noise, touching, light and such.

Facial expression
The facial expression is important to master if you know that someone is going close to you. In most cases this would be your significant other.

A natural facial expression is achieved by relaxing your face. This means not pinching your face, tightining your facial muscles and such. Try to relax as much as possible and gently breath.

A way to achieve this easier is to close off your mind and instead focus on your breath. By doing that your facial muscles usually calms down as your brain is less aware of your surroundings and thoughts.

The key to breathing naturally while sleeping is to have a good rhythm. A mistake people usually do is to focusing too much on breathing too silent or without any sound. Everyone is different so it does not matter as long as it matches how your breathing usually sounds while breating.

1) Download a sleep recorder app on your phone
There are plenty of apps that helps you by recording audio while your phone is locked. Get one of those apps and put your phone beside your bed just before going to sleep. When you wake up you will have audio from the whole night, which will help you massively in achieving your natural breathing pattern while sleeping.

A general tip to natural breathing while sleeping is to have a good and consistent rhythm. The amount of noise when sleeping differs a lot from person to perosn, but most people have a consistent breathing rhythm whenver sleeping. Therefore your focus should be on achieving this natural rhythm.

Your surroundings is going to set the setting of your attempt to fake sleep. If your sleep enviroment is filled with noise, light and such then it makes your sleep less believeable. Try to use your enviroment to your advantage and create the perfect setting.

Some general key pointers are
– Having some cloth on the floor
– Having no light in the room
– Making sure there is not too much noise

Natural reactions
Whenever we sleep our body still reacts to external thungs such as noise, touches, light and so on. Therefore it is a good idea to do a small reaction if someone tries to disturb you while sleeping. Although try to limit this to as natural as possible since a smile or open eyes will reveal your fake sleep.

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