Northampton, Massachusetts: Smith Ivy Day and Day Drinking

May 20, 2012 at 10:08 pm

Hi friends!

How were your weekends? Mine absolutely flew by! I had so much fun visiting Chrysanthe and it was really cool to be back at Smith and in Northampton again! It was easily one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while. :)

Let’s pick up where I left off on Friday. Chrysanthe and I met up with her friend Alexa at FennAgain’s for a drink. I went with the Pyramid Apricot and Chrysanthe had the same thing (the Batch19). I’ve never tried apricot beer before but it was delicious! Such a slight hint of apricot, which was perfect.

Afterwards, we went to Plan B in Glastonbury. It’s a cute little burger place, relatively new. They had an interesting beer list so I picked the Sierra Nevada Hoptimum IPA. It was a bit more hoppy than I would’ve liked but I finished it anyway. I didn’t get the name of Chrysanthe’s beer but both were served in what I called goblets!

For my burger, I had the Baja with a turkey burger and sweet potato fries. It was cooked to perfection and full of flavor!

Chrysanthe had a bunless West Coast burger with a turkey burger and a side salad. It had avocado and a fried egg on top.

On Saturday, Chrysanthe and I had plans to go to Ivy Day at Smith. It’s traditionally held the day before commencement and is when all the graduates receive academic honors. The junior ushers lead the procession and carry in chains of ivy, followed by the graduating students who wear white and carry red roses. It’s an absolutely gorgeous sight so I was very excited to be a spectator this year. Unfortunately, we thought it started at 10:30 when it really started at 9:15 so we completely missed the parade! I was a little disappointed, but we both laughed it off because seriously, this could only happen to us.

The Quad on Ivy Day

We wandered around campus and took a few photos. I forgot how beautiful the Smith campus is on a sunny day! My graduation weekend was rainy and cold, so I am very jealous that this year’s graduates got such amazing weather. But we still enjoyed it by prancing around campus and taking photos!

Paradise Pond

Flowers at the Botanical Gardens

Me in the Botanical Gardens

And we made a stop by the Grecourt Gates. They’re a campus landmark in front of College Hall. It’s said that it’s bad luck to walk through the gates before you graduate because you’ll either never graduate or never get married. I made a point to stop by and take some photos of myself walking through it last year, but Chrysanthe never got around to it! So it was an important stop. :)

For lunch, we stopped by Sam’s, a local pizzeria known for it’s creative slices. It was a favorite of ours in college so I was excited! Good ole Sam’s didn’t seem to have changed much, which I didn’t mind. I ordered a delicious slice of pizza with white sauce, vegetables, and chicken. Chrysanthe ordered the veggie pizza, but wasn’t a fan of the white sauce on it so they made her another with red sauce. I could tell she couldn’t wait for the second slice because she couldn’t stop looking over at the kitchen! :P

My chicken and veggies slice and Chrysanthe's first veggie slice

We walked around Northampton some more after lunch, but the town is small and there’s only so much to do. We killed some time wandering through some of our favorite stores before deciding to let the day drinking begin. ;)

Passionfruit tea I picked up at Starbucks

A book about Boo I found at Faces

The Dirty Truth is an awesome bar with tons of beers on tap. We’d only been there twice together in college and both knew we wanted to go back. Chrysanthe ordered the Braumeister Pils and I had the Mahrs Hell. Both were good! I was happy with mine because it was nice and light, but not hoppy. Later, we shared a Weiherstephan Festbier. It was a wheaty German beer, which we both loved.

Mahrs Hell and Braumeister Pils

We’d also planned to go to Tunnel Bar, a really cool martini bar in an old train tunnel. But their martinis are absolutely lethal, as in I only need one to get drunk and two to get obliterated. So we nixed that considering we were both already a little buzzed and Chrysanthe would have to drive back to her parents’ house after dinner.

After some more meandering about and hanging out in Starbucks, we were ready for dinner. One of our favorite drinking spots in college was Mama Iguana’s, a Mexican chain with great margaritas and mojitos. I was surprised that their menus had changed since the last time we were there.

The new menus at Mama's

We both love mojitos so Chrysanthe ordered a classic and I ordered a coconut one. Both were on the weaker side, but just as cool and refreshing as I remember!

Mojito time!

For our meal, we decided to split some guacamole as an appetizer. She ordered the Vegetarian Chop Chop Salad and I went for the Avocado Caesar Salad, but without the anchovies and with the dressing on the side. What I ended up getting was a plate of romaine lettuce and sun-dried tomatoes because the kitchen forgot the avocados. Our waitress brought some back out to me though. Overall, the salad was just ok. The guac was delicious though! I was super focused on that. ;)

Guac and Chrysanthe's Veg Chop Chop salad

My Avocado Caesar salad

With that, we headed back to Chrysanthe’s house and called it a night.

Recap Part 3 with commencement photos to come!