Hebron, Connecticut: Food, beer, and vanity plates

May 18, 2012 at 6:11 pm

Happy Friday!

I’m in Hebron, Connecticut this weekend, visiting my BFF Chrysanthe! Meet Chrysanthe. :) This is us at Rally Day last year as seniors!

Commencement at our alma mater (Smith College) is this weekend and she lives an hour away so we’ll be driving up on Saturday and Sunday to see that. Jane Lynch is the commencement speaker!

Anyway, I packed up my bag yesterday morning to hop on the train to New Haven and then to Old Saybrook. It was a long trip, but I didn’t mind! I haven’t seen Chrysanthe since the end of March so I was excited.

My packing process is less than ideal

The first thing we did when she picked me up was head to Daybreak Coffee Roasters in Glastonbury, CT. It was a cute little place! And apparently, Cait’s a fan too! I was starving and had a yummy, but sadly, not very photogenic cinnamon muffin.

We hung around her house for a while and then decided to hit FennAgain’s for a pre-dinner beer. It’s one of three bars in town and according to Chrysanthe, the least creepiest. They had a ton of beer on top too – always a plus! I had Saranac Blueberry and Chrysanthe had Batch19. Both were good!

Then we drove over to Willimantic Brewing Company (also known as Willibrew) for dinner. On our way, I spotted a vanity plate! According to Chrysanthe, there are a ton of vanity plates in her town and the surrounding ones.

I was pleased to see that Willibrew had a pretty extensive menu of house brews. It was my first brewery visit ever!

I picked the Pushing the Envelope IPA and Chrysanthe went for the Simon Saaz-On. The former was a little too hoppy for both our tastes, but the latter was delicious!

For dinner, Chrysanthe had a bowl of the Canterbury Three Bean Chili. I had a cup of the same and the Stuffed Salem Mushrooms. Fun fact: All their dishes are named after local towns! I thought that was cool.

Canterbury three bean chili bowl

Stuffed Salem Mushrooms

All of it was delicious!

This morning, we went for a walk on the Airline State Park Trail in Hebron. And I saw my first marsh! You just don’t see those in New Jersey (at least where I’m from).

Aforementioned marsh

For lunch, we decided to go The Spicy Green Bean in Glastonbury. The name made me think of Lindsay!

The Spicy Green Bean

It was voted one of the best lunch spots in Connecticut and well-deserved! I had the oven-roasted turkey wrap, which included avocado, tomato, a red pepper relish, and garlic mayo. For my sides, I had the Mediterranean pasta salad and fruit salad. Usually this would be too much to me but I was starving so I actually managed to finish almost all of it.

Later in the day, we wandered around Glastonbury. I spotted this book while we were at Barnes and Noble. It looked… interesting, to say the least.

And I spotted another vanity plate in the parking lot! I yelled, “Cows!” and Chrysanthe thought I’d seen an actual cow ha.

Then we went over to Whole Foods to get some gelato. They had a ton of interesting flavors. I went with Chocolate Chile on the bottom and the Peanut Butter Brownie on top!

Lastly, I spotted this while we drove back to Chrysanthe’s house: Eagle Rock! Apparently, this is a pretty famous thing in Hebron and was painted by someone in 1981 and touched up again recently. Marlborough (a nearby town) apparently has one too!

Now we’re off to FennAgain’s for a pre-dinner drink again and then going to Plan B in Glastonbury. Toodles!