Weekend Eats

May 13, 2012 at 3:03 pm

My Sunday has been pretty uneventful so far – just a lot of much-needed cleaning going on here! But I thought I’d share a few eats from yesterday and today.

After SELF Workout in the Park yesterday, I decided to go get a haircut in Chinatown. I figured I was already there, so why not? My favorite hair salon charges only $30 for a cut and blowout, a great deal in the city!

On my way, I bumped into a Yogo yogurt truck. Perfect timing since I was craving some froyo! I got a small fat-free tart with mochi and coconut on top. Mochi is my absolute favorite topping with froyo – I get it every single time! And if it’s a self-serve place, I may occasionally be guilty of getting more mochi than froyo… I said may. ;)

Anyway, back to my haircut! I asked for a one-inch trim and the stylish did exactly that, so I was happy with that. The blowout was amazing! But since I was coming from a sweaty workout in the park, completely unnecessary since I planned to hop in the shower as soon as I got home. Oh well. I snapped a photo in the elevator to share anyway!

When I got home, I had some grapes and finished up some leftovers from earlier in the week. I was still hungry though, so I decided to make some baked sweet potato fries. Good thing because my last sweet potato was on the verge of mold! I saved it though.


Breakfast this morning was an English muffin with peanut butter, strawberry jelly, ripe banana slices, and chia seeds sprinkled on top.


After that, I hit the gym for some cardio and a Nike Training Club strength workout. I love that app so much! When I got home, I made myself a green monster smoothie, chilled in the fridge before I slurped it down.

And of course, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there. :) My family’s driving up around 6 tonight so we can have dinner at Komegashi Too in Newport. I love their sushi so I’m excited!