Pink Slime Bribery

May 11, 2012 at 5:21 pm

Happy Friday!

To start with a somewhat controversial topic, I read an article on Blisstree today that says McDonald’s is now paying bloggers to talk up their food. Now I know a lot of bloggers out there get perks for talking up various products, including a bunch on my blogroll. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, yet I’m kind of disgusted by this news. Personally, you couldn’t pay me to eat McDonald’s pink slime burgers, and I would never advertise something that I wouldn’t touch myself. I imagine a lot of the healthy living bloggers I follow share this mindset.

The article also mentioned that many of the bloggers Mickey D’s has been essentially bribing in an exchange for some advertising are moms. I know there are parents out there that let their kids eat fast food, but growing up, it was just not a part of our dinner rotation. To me, it’s crazy that these moms might not only be raising their own kids on an unhealthy diet of fast food, but also encouraging others to. Now I’m really curious about these mom bloggers writing about how great McDonald’s is!

Speaking of food that is fast, I managed to take a speedy lunch away from my desk around noon today! :) Sadly, I didn’t make it out of the building, but my office building has a small food court on the first floor and I was craving some Indian food so I hit up Tandoor on the Hudson for lunch today. They offer an Indian buffet with some serious spice!


In the takeout box was a super spicy lamb dish, some naan, a spinach dish with cottage cheese, a chicken dish, and a roasted eggplant dish. That lamb had me burning the old taste buds off! So much so that I manage to chug a whole bottle of Poland Spring in the process. Still good though!

Can’t wait for this long and slow Friday to end!