Lunch Interruptus

May 2, 2012 at 4:10 pm

I’m generally someone that likes routine in my life, but since I started working in August, a lot of that has gone out the window. One thing heavily affected by this insane irregularity? Lunch!

Things at my job have always been very day to day. Some days, I find myself looking for things to do and others, we’re so packed that I don’t even stop to breathe. Lately, it’s been more of a happy medium. I’m lucky enough to have an awesome boss that I get along spectacularly with, so we’ve been leaving the office for lunch at least once a week. Those are my favorite days. :) Other days, we don’t have enough time to leave the office for lunch so we grab something in the cafeteria and eat at our desks if we’re busy or in the dining area if we’re not. And my least favorite type of days are those when we’re so packed that I barely have time to eat and end up gobbling something down at my desk.

Today started out as an average day. I wasn’t hungry around noon so I decided I’d wait to grab lunch and eat at my desk after a meeting at 1. But when I got back to my desk with my trusty salad, someone had thrown a meeting at me for 2. So I gobbled down what I could before rushing off to the meeting and then finished the rest of it after the meeting. I swear, my stomach was about to eat itself by the time that meeting ended around 3. And now I’ve decided that an interrupted lunch is my least favorite of lunch variations!


Anyway, I grabbed this from our cafeteria’s salad bar. I couldn’t quite decide what I wanted so I first grabbed a few tongs-fuls of a pre-made strawberry and goat cheese salad. Then I topped it with some corn, craisins, couscous, roasted butternut squash, and mushrooms and threw a breaded turkey cutlet on the side. Lots of different flavors in there but I liked it!

That’s it for now! I’m thinking about sharing today’s outfit later but I think I’m wearing the same shoes as my last fashion post. Hm… Don’t know how I feel about that! We’ll see. :)